Sunday, March 24, 2013

Provo City Center Temple Construction - Round #2

I learned on Facebook a little while ago that they have the former Provo Tabernacle up on stilts as part of its construction to turn it into the Provo City Center Temple. I decided to go downtown and check it out this morning. When construction was just beginning last spring, I was able to walk within a few feet of the building to take pictures, but now they've got the thing practically guarded by armed robots . . . well, ok, not really-- it's just surrounded by vinyl-covered fences, but it still makes it really, really hard to take pictures. I managed to find a few gaps in the fence and hold the camera up above my head and snap a few photos that didn't turn out too bad. It doesn't even look like a real building anymore-- it's totally crazy that they have the entire thing supported by those beams. Especially in these pictures, it looks like a burned out dollhouse. I promise it's real, though! :) I'm so excited for it to be finished. Still got a few more years to wait, though . . .

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