Friday, April 13, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

My nieces and nephew were out of school for spring break this week, so we went to the zoo on Wednesday.

Sammie by the reflecting water ball

Yep, that's me, your resident photographer.

Jacob "monkeying" around in the gift shop

Sad rhino...

Mattie LOVED the peacock. She kept pointing at it and shouting, "Look at that! There it is!" What a cutie.

Since when do monkeys know how to do yoga?

Baby Zuri

Sammie always has to ride the polar bear on the carousel.

Mattie got to ride the baby polar bear

Sara & Alex

Look how cute and tiny that hand is... awww.

This little guy definitely didn't mind posing for me :)

I LOVE tigers. They are such beautiful animals.

Mmm... tasty.

I think this orangutan was my favorite subject of the day. He was really fun to watch.

Hmmm... Rather mischievous, isn't he?

I may have had something to do with this statue's head apparel...
Sadly, our fun day at the zoo is now over.

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  1. I love these! The monkeys are my favorite!! Very cute!