Sunday, July 8, 2012

Balloon Festival

I made a huge sacrifice and got up at 5:45am on the 4th of July to go to the balloon festival (those of you who know me well know just how much of a sacrifice it was-- I value my sleep more than almost anything else in this world!)

I've only been to the balloon festival once before (I think it was 2 years ago), but that day, it was too windy for the balloons to get off the ground. I decided I had to go at least once when they were able to fly, so I headed out the door at about 6:15, planning to make it in plenty of time to see the whole show staring at 6:30. However, I soon discovered that it was a hundred times more crowded than it was the last time I went, and I ended up parking several blocks away (I probably could have walked from home and gotten there faster), so I missed most of the balloons inflating. But I still got to see them take off, and I got some great pictures. Here are just a few (yes, this really is "a few" compared to how many I took!) of my favorites.

More pictures from the rest of my Independence Day celebrations will be coming soon!







  1. Beautiful!! Love the vibrant colors!!

  2. My favorites are the 3rd from the top and 3rd from the bottom. They look great. :)

  3. Thanks, Ladies! I think my favorite is the 3rd from the bottom, too, Nattalie. It was a neat perspective. Great minds think alike :)