Friday, August 17, 2012

Hogle Zoo & Rocky Shores

I finally got around to editing the pics I took on my second trip to the zoo this summer with my sister and her kids. They have a new exhibit called "Rocky Shores" with a polar bear, seals, and otters (although the otters weren't out on the day we went . . . sad.) The polar bear in particular was lots of fun. He was swimming back and forth for a good 45 minutes and kept coming right up to the glass where we were watching. Mattie screamed and then burst into a fit of giggles every time he got close. It was hard to get good pictures through the very dirty and fingerprinted glass, but I did get a few. It was a fun trip with cute kids and cute animals. Can't get much better than that!

There were some strange monkeys hanging around...

Ummm, yeah. That's Jake.
Cute Mattie


Our friend the polar bear was very nice to pose for some pictures with us


There are no words.

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